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Fiercely Kind Caution Cone Color Product Image

Caution Cone

Can't miss this one! Caution Cone is a super bright neon matte color that glows under blacklight. Perfect for casually wearing beachside while sipping a cold margarita or dressed up for a night on the town....
Fiercely Kind Mermaid Product Image


Mermaid is an alluringly beautiful iridescent light green. It’s cheerful, it's bright, and it's shimmery. A Fiercely Kind favorite!
Fiercely Kind Product Image -- Spring Break 88

Spring Break '88

Spring Break '88 is a bold turquoise with plenty of shimmer. Reminiscent of the good ole days when Aquanet reigned supreme, and nights were spent cruising the Panama City strip in our IROC Zs or funneling beachside at Club La Vela and Spinnaker. This nostalgic color has earned a spot in 2020 and beyond

Fall Colors are here!!

Fiercely Kind Penny For Your Thoughts Product Image

Penny For Your Thoughts

Penny for your Thoughts is a warm bronze with an abundance of copper shimmer. This color is the perfect summer choice for all ages given its ability to show off that sun kissed glow, but the warm tones will carry beautifully into the fall months and beyond.
Fiercely Kind Product Image

Moon Rock

Moon Rock is a classy and complexly unique shade. A little gray, a little purple, a shimmer of pink, a lot of WOW! Its neutral but far from boring. This is a very versatile color, flattering on all skin tones, great for all seasons.
Fiercely Kind Product Image -- Spring Break 88


Forbidden is a timeless shade of red with plenty of shimmer and shine. Always in fashion, this color is a year-round favorite. It’s classy, it’s sassy, it’s classy, it’s a must have for your nail collection.